The Retailoverse is a free and open space that allows for innovation with technology. It enables an ecosystem that brings together talented people to solve real world problems to simplify the retail network around us.

As part of Retailo’s greater purpose of empowering 10 million SMEs in the MENAP region, we are always looking for young brilliant minds to take this mission forward.

About Retailo

The existing retail network of our region is broken and inefficient. Retailers either have to rely on weekly visits from order bookers or leave their shops and go to the market to buy the goods they need.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of this massive underserved segment of society and supercharge the retail network using our tech. Through Retailo’s online application, over 50,000 retailers across MENAP restock their shop within 24 hours. And we just do not stop there. Once these retailers are on our network, we use their data to assign credit ratings and give them access to credit buying to address their cash management issues. Furthermore, we produce more Apps and business solutions to make this segment efficient.

Team Functions

There are multiple teams here at Retailo who work hand in hand to achieve our mission of empowering 10million SMEs.

  • Product Team

    The Product Team builds apps and business solutions that ease the lives of our retailers and delivers outstanding user experiences.

  • Engineering Team

    The Engineering Team builds the tech ecosystem around us that allows for our product and business innovations.

  • BI Team

    The Business Intelligence Team does the number crunching and data analysis to keep Retailo driving in the right direction.

  • Marketing Team

    The Marketing team works towards building a strong regional brand and comes up with crazy, innovative ideas to further our footprint.

  • People Team

    The People team, formerly known as Human Resources, brings in and nurtures the superstars to make it all happen.

  • Commercial Team

    Our Commercial team ensures stock availability at all times and onboards partner brands.

  • Operation Team

    Our Operations team manages an efficient supply chain for timely deliveries and manages our warehousing needs.

  • Growth Team

    The Growth team expands the core business by onboarding retailers and drives the sales.

  • Customer Care

    Customer care cares very deeply about our retailers and are ready 24/7 to solve any and all problems.

Program Details

Our selection method is quite simple.

After you have filled out the application form, you will receive your first assessment in the form of a case study. You are required to thoroughly go through the case study and get back to us with your best responses in the given time. Candidates will be shortlisted based off their responses and a selected few will move on to the interview stage. We take upto three interviews to gauge your skills and expertise, and then reverting back with the results. Do your best! We trust you.

Our Values

We at Retailo believe in our values and cultures very strongly.

نتبنى روح الانتماء
نحن لا نعمل فقط لـ ريتيلو، نحن نملك الشركة، برؤيتها، وقيمها، وتحدياتها، ونجاحاتها
نسعى دائما لإرضاء عملائنا
نسعى دائما لتقديم خدمات ملائمة لعملائنا من حيث الجودة والأداء المتميز
نلتزم بأعلى المعايير الأخلاقية
فريقنا يتبنى أعلى معايير السلوك المهني بما يشمل التواضع والاحترام
أهدافنا لا حدود لها
طموحنا التطور والنمو المستمر
نعمل كفريق واحد
نسعى جاهدين لتوفير أفضل الحوافز لفريقنا من خلال بيئة عمل مشجعة تدعم النمو والتطور المهني